By being kind to yourself, working hard, having patience with results and supporting others going through the fitness process - we can make a difference.

This community is for anyone that is looking to, or wanting to stay fit. Run, walk, lift, yoga, group fitness or holding your breath under water...it's all welcome here.   

The good news is, if you're on this page, you're already invited to join. No matter where you are with health & fitness, there's someone else a little further along that can help you. That's why this community exists. 

What to You Get:

Closed Facebook Group

where you can post fitness related items, ask questions, provide encouragement, let everyone know your celebrations and hangups with being active. Request to join here

Mystery Workouts for Those Local to Cincinnati

Think of this as a fitness flash mob. I'll send out a message "usually the day of" that includes the time, place and type of workout we're doing.  

Access to the Coach

I want everyone to be successful with their fitness goals. Checkout the various Your Level Fitness social media accounts for new stuff almost daily. That being said, everyone needs different things to get where they want to be. Tweet or Snap your questions and I'll see what I can do to help.

By the Way

Since I, Daryl am heading up this community; I reserve the right to remove content or members at any time, for any reason. Be a respectful, polite and not pushy, and their won't be any issues. Checkout this FAQ for a little on expectations, or email daryl@yourlevelfitness.com with questions.

Welcome to the Your Level Fitness Community! Keep checking back often, as this  will be evolving. Thanks for stopping by the fitness community for everyone!