Phone Based Coaching Using ProCoach With

Group AND Individual Support

Get Lasting Results

Want to lose some weight, gain energy, get stronger? After 12 months, you'll be amazed with your progress and will have the skills to maintain it.

Small Actions Lead to Big Changes

We'll break down large goals into doable daily practices. Over time these will become part of your routines and stick with you for life.

Individual & Group Accountability

ProCoach is an excellent tool for developing sound nutrition habits one at a time. What’s really going to help reinforce these habits is the additional support you’ll get going through the program as part of a group. There’s a Facebook group that includes everyone going through the program at the same time you are. In addition to the the standard support you get from FB groups, I’ll be discussing the specific nutrition habits and lessons you’re working as we go through the program together. You’ll also receive a weekly email with a link to my calendar so we can have a call discussing your weight loss journey.