Emily Y.

Emily Y. Progress.jpg

“The best thing I have ever done for myself is work with YLF.”

I found inspiration in Your level Fitness on Instagram for over a year before I took the plunge and became a client. When I’d finally hit rock bottom, I reached out to Daryl and within an hour was signed up and working as his client. I weighed in at almost 400 pounds. Working with Daryl has been absolutely life changing. For the first time he made sense of things for me, made sense of calories, macros, good foods vs bad foods, low impact exercise and personalized exercise routines increasing reps and weight as I got stronger, he helped celebrate my victories on the scale and off the scale and helped move past, quickly keeping my eye on the prize, when things didn’t go as planned. Daryl adapted my plans to my life as life kept changing. Working with Daryl allowed me to make a healthy lifestyle fit into my life, and not my life fit into a healthy world. The most important aspect of working with Daryl was his time. One on one conversations, goal setting, daily check in and accountability. Working closely kept me focused and consistent. I have found success and after 10 months of working with YLF I am 110 pounds lighter and have the tools to continue this journey on my own with his continued support and friendship. The best thing I have ever done for myself is work with YLF and would recommend Daryl’s coaching to anybody looking for support and direction on their journey!