Why is getting fit so hard?

Anyone trying to get healthy, stronger or lose weight knows what they want to do and has a pretty good idea about how to do it...why’s it so difficult then, to do something that seems so simple?


Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy

It is true that if you start eating better, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and managing stress more effectively you’ll feel and look better. The problem - besides that each of these variables is different for everyone, is that you’re trying to rearrange most parts of your day by adopting a series of new habits all at once. Few people can do this, some can take on a couple of changes at once, most of us though can only handle one at a time.


Sustainable change takes time

There’s so many programs and products that promise results fast. These are the “lose ‘x’ pounds in ‘y’ weeks by doing/eating, or not doing ‘z’. Body weight can be manipulated easily because of water weight fluctuation. It’s hard with all the quick fixes out there, but focusing on how you feel energy and strength wise, along with an occasional waist measurement “no more than once every 2-4 weeks”  is a better indication of progress than the scale number. The weight will come off, but you have to be patient because...


There’s a lot of trial and error

So with everyone’s unique calorie needs, exercise level and day-to-day life - there isn’t a blanket program that’s going to work for everybody. If you stumble upon a fitness craze that works for you, fits into your schedule and keeps you challenged for more than a few months; you’re one of the lucky ones. Most of the time you’re taking snippets from different plans, trying them out, evaluating, then putting what worked with new pieces to the puzzle. You’ll do this until getting to a level you’re happy with. It gets tricky along the way though, once the body get’s into a routine progress slows down, then stops. Switch things up every 3-6 weeks while trying to make changes.

Getting fit is a lot more than just calories in vs. calories out, moving more, relaxing a bit and sleeping longer. What are some of the challenges and successes you’ve experienced?

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