What is low carb & what's a good maintenance goal?


I was talking to a friend and fitness pro the other day about what actually is a low carb diet. This conversations also got me thinking about what a good goal for anyone that's lost all the extra weight would be.

I think anything 150 grams per day is considered low carb. The USDA's guidelines are 300 grams for a 2,000 calorie diet, cut that in half & you're eating low carb. I realize two things with this: 1. If someone is eating less than 2000 calories they're eating a greater percentage of calories from carbs...I'm okay with that. 2. Using the USDA guidelines for anything in 2017 seems like your head's in the sand. Every documentary, book and blog talks about how corrupt and profit driven that information is. Thing is, you can easily look at a nutrition label, see the daily percentage next to the carb count, then double it do see how it affects your plan.

Like anything in the world of nutrition there aren't any set rules, everyone is different. 😀 I just think 150 grams a day is a better place to start if you're trying low carb than some of the super low targets I see on here. Just evaluate and adjust as you go on.

Personally, I'm about three weeks into not counting calories or macros. As this has gone along I'm thinking about my next meal less and less. If you think fitness pros are immune to focusing too much on our next meal and the numbers in our own life, we're not. 😉 I've seen some Instagram posts where people are wondering what maintenance will be like after the weight loss. I think this might be it. Getting to a point where we no longer think about calories, macros, RDA's, scale numbers or science. We're just eating stuff that keeps us satisfied and helps us stay active. Sounds like a pretty good goal to me. What eating plan are you following now? What do you like most about it?