What is it you need?

What is it that keeps you from reaching your fitness goals and maintaining them?

I stopped blogging because there's a lot of noise in the fitness industry from people trying to over complicate   the simple process of getting in shape and staying that way. I didn't want add to that problem. My plan moving forward is to answer your questions and touch on topics I see many getting tripped up on.

Let's start with what works. If you pick any eating and/or exercise program, consistently follow it to the best of your ability, adjust as you go along and are patient with getting results, you will be successful. Just remind yourself that where you are two years from now is much more important than two months from now.

My goal is what it's always been - to provide the best fitness experience to anyone in the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area looking to get in shape and stay that way. The blog is just another way for me to meet you where you are and help get those lasting results you've been looking for.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please message any questions or topic requests my way on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.