The YLF Experience

Want to know what I do? I provide a complete fitness experience that's unique to your fitness goals - and I do this for a monthly rate that's less than what most fit pros with lesser qualifications charge for a couple of sessions.

 I'm also more interested in the progress you make in two years, than two months from now. We work together to develop the skills, habits and routines you need to maintain the results.

I have two client types:

  1. Busy adults that are looking for a plan that will fit into their busy life.
  2. People that need further exercise modifications than just the beginner, intermediate and advanced ones offered by the mass marketed programs.

If you're looking for any of the following, I can help you:

Personal Training

Group Fitness

Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching

Phone Based Coaching

Need a program that's unique to your preferences and schedule? Take a few minutes to complete this form and we'll talk about it. Thanks for reading!