The Fourth Monday of 2019

If you made a fitness and/or weight loss resolution for 2019, this is a big week. By the fourth week many others have given up the new eating plan and exercise routine…but not you. Not this time.

We’re still extremely early in the year. Any work that’s been done towards improving yourself isn’t out of the “develop a new habit stage”. It takes time to build habits one at a time. If you’re trying to adopt a set of new ones at once, it’s going to take that much longer. Be patient with yourself. That’s what it really takes to be successful long-term with this stuff. If you work hard consistently and develop patience YOU will reach the outcome you’re shooting for eventually. I know it’s familiar to think that a week or two of not getting things to go as smoothly as you’d like is frustrating. I know moat dieters would mark themselves a failure and scrap the plan for this year. Again, not you. Not this time :)

You may not feel like you’re getting the hang of all this for a few more months. That’s fine. Just keep working.