Measuring Progress on Your Fitness Plan

The more ways you consistently track progress, the less emphasis you'll place on any one readout over the others. 

I've talked about this a few times before on the web. The video above is from the Your Level Fitness Facebook page. 

This post is especially for those whose day has been ruined by the number that showed up on the bathroom scale. Okay, anyone that's had this happen, please raise your hand...I'm going to put my hand down so I can finish typing this. :) Here's the three ways I'd recommend measuring progress, in the order of importance:


Every 30 days you'll dress in as little clothing that you're comfortable wearing "bathing suits are perfect" and take front, side and back pictures. Keep them stored in a safe place where you can pull them up later for comparison. Changes can be seen one month to the next, but the real noticeable progress is going to be between photos that are four or five months apart.

Waist Measurement

Every 2-4 weeks, use a tape measure to record your waist circumference. You can either do this right at or above the belly button the first time measuring - just note that location in your records for next time. Even as little as 1/4" lost equals real progress.

Get on the Scale

I'd prefer you do this every 30 days, would be happy if it was every couple weeks and figure it'll probably be sooner than that. The scale is given way too much credit for the success and failures of a fitness program. It tells part of the story, but that's all it is, just part.

Start using these to track your progress and let me know how it goes after 3-4 months. Use something different besides these three to see how you're doing? I'd like to here about it. Tag @yourlevelfitness in an Instagram post or send a DM my way. Thanks for reading.